"In early 2016, God laid on my heart a mission to feed hungry middle school children here in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. These are children who are not eating on the weekends or during the summer because their meals are not being provided by the school system.  My close friend Caitlyn Flores, a teacher of middle school students told me a sad story about her students living hungry while not in school. After hearing these stories, I decided to do something about it.  I went to Costco and filled a huge box trailer of food and took it to Lewisville ISD, where volunteer teachers packed it up and passed it out to the kids with discretion.

Seeing these children comforted by simple food items I have taken for granted my entire life birthed in me a determination to make a difference for children everywhere. It is my goal to feed 100,000 children over the next year.

-Michael Shellis


We plan to raise as much money as we can, along with your help and get these kids fed. We will be doing our first grocery shopping trip early this summer, for our first give. From there we will keep raising money and going out into other school districts. We are passionate about this cause and we hope that you are to! Any amount that you can give will help these kids, whether its $5.00 or $5,000, you can be apart of helping. We appreciate you taking the time to see what we are doing and we can't wait to have you involved!